Abhisht Singh


A seeker of knowledge (his words, not mine), Abhisht likes to read about anything and everything on the Internet that sparks his interest even a little bit. Combine his intellect with his humour, you get a witty person who always has some sarcastic (and funny) remark up his sleeve, ready to be unleashed. His recent obsessions include the band, Twenty-One Pilots, and a certain ‘tech group’ on Facebook. He’s currently studying Science with Computers and wiles away his time while religiously watching tech videos of YouTubers like MKBHD and such. Speaking of wasting time, he also likes to convey his emotions explicitly through Snapchat stickers. You can talk to him about anything geeky (ahem Mr. Robot ahem) and it’s guaranteed that he’ll continue the conversation, forever.

Email: abhisht51@gmail.com

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Franz App : Review

If you have friends across a lot many platforms such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, Inbox, Discord, Steam chat etc and you find it difficult to manage so many services at once then Franz app is what you were looking for.