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by | Sep 4, 2017

Routers are one of the most neglected piece of technology. Installed once and forgotten since, lying under layers of dust, never seeing a human ever laying hands on it other than those occasional reboots in hope of gaining back internet connectivity. (you can reboot a router without physically being near it too ☹). But we shouldn’t forget its importance as it forms the very cornerstone of a personal network.

Getting a new internet connection? Letting the technician install whatever router he offers for the cheapest? Not getting the speed your ISP plan promised? Well routers can do so much more than just help you access the internet wirelessly. But many routers that your ISP provides can’t do much. So take control. Show that box with antennas (if you can’t see them your router has an internal antenna 😊) some love. In this series, we’ll talk about what kinds of routers are available today and how using them you can make your lives a little less sad. And not just that, we’ll also see how you can work more efficiently at home with multiple devices by setting up various file servers on your network and. This series is your one stop to pimp your home network.

In the first article, we’ll talk about what makes a router as we know it and how we interact with it – The Hardware.


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