Dear Apple Users

by | Sep 15, 2017

Dear Apple Users

by | Sep 15, 2017

If you thought removing the headphone jack for a better vibration motor was sad enough, think again, Think Different. Ten years of iPhones. Recently,  Apple held its annual World Wide Developers Conference and launched the new set of iPhones namely iPhone 8 and 8+ with generous spec bumps from the previous generation and wireless charging using the Qi standard. The real star of the show was the 10th anniversary iPhone christened the iPhone X (iPhone ten) packed with advanced features and a futuristic design. So how innovative really is it?

The iPhone

Many people worldwide look up to late Steve Jobs as the greatest tech innovator of the decade for starting the smartphone revolution by launching the iPhone in 2007 with a revolutionary multitouch capacitive touchscreen which he even got patented, but was it their invention?

“And boy have we patented it.”

 Here’s a really interesting TED talk from 2006

For 10 years the masses have loved and rather religiously followed Apple and bought their products without a second thought. But are they really the best thing to spend your money on? Short answer: No. But does it stop people from buying their products? No. I’m not saying that they make completely useless products, they make really great products for a certain demography.

It’s a fashion and social status statement more than a technology statement.

It’s for people who need extremely easy operation and want their phone to just work. iSheeps (people who follow Apple blindly) really have no idea what’s happening in the tech industry and are really gullible when it comes to new Apple products. It’s kinda like a monarchy with really happy subjects ’cause they don’t know what things they are missing. Don’t get me wrong, not all Apple users are like this, but, the majority are.

iPhone is the epitome of mobile innovation, or is it? With the original iPhone, Steve Jobs sold the masses an idea which they thought was extremely bizarre but people slowly bought into the idea and now we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones. But it’s been 10 years. Apple may hold the largest industry share but it surely isn’t the industry leader anymore when it comes to innovation. Every new feature they introduce has already been out there for many years. They don’t innovate anymore, they plagiarise. And don’t even talk about the outrageous pricing of their products.

The iPhone X

So, the 10th anniversary iPhone X. It has very thin bezels (ominously similar to the Essential PH-One), a dual camera setup with dual image stabilization (Galaxy Note 8 anyone?) but 4K recording at 60fps (majority users won’t even know what this means) and 1080p at 240fps is actually something never seen on a smartphone (Xperia XZ Premium can shoot at 960fps but let’s just give Apple some credit), a Super Retina OLED display (manufactured by Samsung *wink wink*), and the plethora of sensors in the front top bar (it looks ugly and covers up screen content, it’s sad) enabling some nifty tricks like animated emojis, Animojis (a perfect application for some cutting edge technology), Portrait mode for selfies, and its main purpose FaceID which replaces TouchID (RIP fast and secure unlocking) and lets you unlock your device just by looking at it (though unsecure, android has this since 2011).

But Apple says it’s extremely foolproof and more secure than TouchID even though it failed in the very first public demo. Well, they got their R&D department to do something new at least. They said these iPhones are the first smartphones ever designed for Augmented reality (there there Google’s Project Tango, maybe you did it in a parallel universe).



Here’s an article for all the fact-checking.

And another interesting video.

Enough with the mockery, the iPhone X actually packs pretty great hardware (just like all iPhones) of which iOS doesn’t really take full advantage of (just like always). The new A11 Bionic SOC actually has a neural engine to enable really secure face recognition for FaceID. The array of sensors used at the front is phenomenal and seems really the next leap in facial recognition. The cameras are really great and as said above, capable of max 4K at 60fps for extremely smooth videos at high resolution. Its gorgeous too, as the front is entirely occupied with the 5.8” Super Retina display (and that ugly bar).

But the software is just too basic to do the cutting-edge hardware any justice.

But it’s not all sunny here

Removing essential features like the headphone jack and now the fingerprint sensor to attain some cosmetic glory really hinders the core experience of a smartphone. There are a number of examples of phones with similarly thin bezels and a fingerprint sensor and a headphone jack (and they even cost less than this glass sandwich). The iPhone X, in isolation, may seem like a really futuristic device with few essential things cut off but, once you look at the world around and see what other smartphone manufacturers running an opensource OS on their devices are doing, the iPhone X kinda seems like a joke of sorts. Don’t even talk about the price tag. Companies like Samsung are the current leader in mobile innovation and while Apple was engulfing people all around the world into the features of their new products, Samsung’s CEO publicly showcased their foldable screen technology for phones (original concept showcased at CES 2013) which they’ll be bringing to the consumers next year.

The direction Apple is heading with iPhones isn’t one many like. But because of its huge faithful, blindly following userbase, whatever they do makes a large impact on the market. Just because now iPhones support wireless charging, the market will flood with Qi wireless chargers and more cafes would integrate wireless charging spots.

The iPhone X seems to be the most unreasonable purchase ever for anyone who’s not a person who has enough money for it and just wants it as a status symbol. There are much better smartphones available with way more features and for a lower price than this. But people are gonna buy it anyway so 😊.

By the way this article shows what all you can buy for that money instead of an iPhone X.

Apple isn’t the company it once was. And that’s really sad.


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